Thursday, August 31, 2006


Hannah and Cedar Part II - Mainstream Media joins in

Nice of the Star Kleenex to engage in "news" weeks after the fact. The tale of Hannah and Cedar's abduction just keeps on getting more bizarre. A couple disturbing things have emerged:

Joe, who has both Australian and Lebanese citizenship, is now the subject of international warrants and an extradition order, and is charged with two counts of child abduction.

However, Calgary police Det. Theresa Garagan said the case is complicated by the fact that neither Australia nor Lebanon will recognize the Canadian extradition order.

Well it is not a shock that Lebanon does not recognize Canadian extradition order but it's a tad shocking that Australia doesn't.

The worst part of the story are the demands placed on Melissa by now ex-husband and child abductor Joe:

Engdahl and his daughter flew to Australia last week, where Joe's family told them that Lebanese passports had been acquired for the girls and that they would not be returned to Australia unless Melissa agrees to live in an apartment of their choosing in Sydney, give Joe full custody and have charges against him dropped.

Here is hoping that Melissa finds a happy ending to this sad and twisted tale. She is a good person and nobody deserves to suffer this cruel and unusual punishment.

Thanks to Prairie Boy for the tip - I had the Star article open on the laptop, but you provided the bump.

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