Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Word is bond

Remember when that meant something. Apparently Rod Barajas doesn't.

You see the Toronto Blue Jays were expecting him in town today for a physical and then to sign a 2 year contract worth over 5.25 million US. Funny thing happened on the way to the airport, Barajas dumped his agent after realizing that is a paycut. It is also rumoured that the MLBPA put the screws to him for accepting less than market value.

The MLBPA and the other 3 professional sport's unions are out of touch it makes one puke.

Here is hoping that Barajas plays in Alaska next year and has to sing on street corner for his cheque.

Monday, November 27, 2006


Monday is for the By Curious

Random thoughts:

Elizabeth May really put a scare into the Liberal candidate, but came up short. She beat a hand-picked paleo-con from Harper and trumped Jack's pick. Good work and see you soon in Parliament.

The Tories have work to do in Ontario. A former mayor with impeccable conservative street cred. Apparently voters will not flock to the new, warm and fuzzy Harper. She finishes third.

4th place Jack. Your growth in Ontario is huge.

The Bloc Québécois can really run a chair in some ridings and win. So much for the separation of church and state. A Priest as an MP. It should add some spice to the same-sex debate. That and the fact that he once was a male escort - not gay, just needed the money. Or, as the Globe states from gay hooker to Catholic Priest. {Insert joke here}

The Liberals have some work to do in Quebec. They are battling neck and neck with the NDP. In fact, they have lost. They have to overcome 100 votes and they only have 600. They are officially fourth.

The Conservatives finished a solid second, if you can call it that. It appears they landed about the percentage of votes as last time.
Voter turnout was dreadful in Quebec, even for a by-election. Voter turnout was pretty good in London.


So yesterday

Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson Lee Rock call it a fort night. This isn't a surprise, just like it will not be a surprise to see / hear that they have a sex tape. Who doesn't have a sex tape.

It is the new must have accessory. It has replaced the annoying Chihuahua or the Red String Kabbalah bracelet.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


The Fun Begins

It is a little earlier, but that hasn't stopped Sam Shaw at NAIT from paying tribute to Alberta Premier Ralph Klein. The college's south Edmonton location - to be opened in the spring - will be called the Ralph Klein Campus.

School president and CEO Sam Shaw said the name was chosen because of Klein's commitment to the trades and apprenticeship training.

No truth to the rumour that there will be in house essay "assistance" for students 24-7.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Missing Link

I know that I should let sleeping dogs lie, but really, would the fine folks at the Canadian Federation of Shitheads? Nope.

The well-paid group running the CFS truly continually to put their own interests before the rank and file. That is why they will stop at nothing to protect their own. The problem this time is that Philip Link and Joey Hanson may have broken one law too many.

It is also a tad rich for the CFS - a bastion of equality and non-hierarchical structure to employ Philip Link (his rap sheet including violence against women should be the largest of large red flags).

Joey Hanson served as a character witness for Philip Link at his assault and battery trial. Hanson is a long-time influential CFS leader, treasurer and the director of Travel Cuts, and while Hanson spent his time defending Link of any wrongdoings, what he really should have been focusing on was his recent run-in with the law. After a recent forensic audit of the student union at Douglas College in B.C., Hanson was accused of misappropriating $300,000 in funds. The audit found that Hanson was able to draw focus away from his embezzlement by covering it up with more student dollars that he received in the form of CFS funds from his good pal Philip Link.

Students are asking questions. Members are demanding answers. Legal authorities are probing. Judges are overruling referenda. The dogs are breathing down the necks of one of the most corrupt and morally bankrupt organizations.

What a dirty web they weave.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Apples = Apes

I often enjoy the (fuzzy) logic of the Canadian Federation of Students.

The Canadian Federation of Students points out that a tuition fee freeze actually attracts citizens to a province. Follow this logic:

According to figures released last month by the provincial government, 3,294 more young people between the ages of 15 and 24 came to Manitoba than left during the period between 1999 and 2006. This compares favourably to the net loss of 2,579 between 1992 and 1999, when tuition fees were rising.

Apparently someone doesn’t understand the difference between causation, correlation and coincidence.

It reminds me of the Saskatchewan Party statement that the Riders have never won the Grey Cup while the NDP has been in power. A funny side bar, but nothing that has any relation to each other. The difference is Saskatchewan Party officials don't actully believe the two are related.

Monday, November 20, 2006


Material World

Young people in developing nations are at least twice as likely to feel happy about their lives than their richer counterparts, according to a new MTVI survey.

The MTVNI survey took six months to complete and resulted in the Wellbeing Index which compared the feelings of young people, based on their perceptions of how they feel about safety, where they fit into society and how they see their future.

Young people from Argentina and South Africa came joint top in the list of how happy they were at 75 percent. Indians were the most happy of all developed countries and the Japanese were the most miserable.

The overall Wellbeing Index was more mixed between rich and poor. India came top followed by Sweden and Brazil came last.

Developed countries were particularly pessimistic about globalization, with 95 percent of young Germans thinking it is ruining their culture, while developing countries which tended to be more receptive to globalization were also more optimistic about their economic future and more proud of their nationality.

In the UK, more than 80 percent of 16- to 34-year-olds said they were as afraid of terrorism as they were of the getting cancer -- though the latter was far more likely to hurt them.

The 14 countries included in the survey were Argentina, Brazil, China, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, Sweden, the UK and the U.S - there were no responses from Canadians.

Sunday, November 19, 2006



The University of Saskatchewan Huskies defeated the Ottawa Gee-Gee's 35-28 in the Mitchell Bowl to advance to the Vanier Cup in Saskatoon. It is fair to say that Saskatoon will be partying from Sunday till Saturday. The city will not have partied this hard since Kim Mitchell played to sold-out crowds at the Pat or Trooper hit Esmeralda’s.

Windpants, golf shirts and fanny packs will be out in full force as the Dog's face The Laval Rouge et Or in a rematch of the 2005 Cup.

FYI - The Huskies Men's Hockey team took 2 games from Alberta this weekend to send a message that they will not go quietly.

Friday, November 17, 2006


Crooked Is As Crooked Does

DSU CFS Corruption 3
Uploaded by student3

Coles notes version:

CFS, owner and operator of the referenced Health and Dental Plan, lends the corrupt local at Douglas College money to pay their dues. Douglas officials benefit. Students lose. CFS pays for lobby materials to smear other organizations questioning their business practices.

Listen to Philip Link's defense. It is lame, far lamer than his defense of why he punched an Aboriginal women delegate at a CFS conference in the 1990's.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Backroom Boy

John Kerry is where he belongs.

He couldn't beat a weak President and can not tell a joke to save his life. Here is hoping the Democrats select someone for 2008 who can tell a one-liner, not a two-dayer.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Regular Blogging to Resume Shortly

If you must visit another Moldy site, try this on.

Friday, November 10, 2006


Au Revoir

I don't know what is more sad Ralph Klein's lame attempt at a childish joke in a public forum while still Premier of Alberta (it was mildly amusing when I heard the joke reference from a friend whose dad told it on a jobsite) or the pathetic response from the Albertans in the crowd - reminds one of Arsenio Hall's dog pound. Either way, it was all in poor taste.

Klein is using his victory lap to truly embarrass himself and his province. December can not come soon enough.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


So long Red Light Cameras, hello Hooters

The Danes may only have the 15th best rated country according to the UN Development Index but they must be smart people because they have developed a very innovative way to curb speeding.

The Danish answer to America's honky state troopers with 70's porn star mustaches are a group of ladies know as the "The Speed Control Bikini Bandits".


Somewhere Charlie Sheen is smiling

B-list Actress Denise Richards was detained by the RCMP in Vancouver for hurling two laptops off a balcony, hitting two elderly women, one believed to be wheelchair-bound. The incident is believed to tied to a run in with paparazzi over photos.

The real truth is she was probably clearing the cache and found Sheen had visits to URLs such as Deviant and U Need Free Porn.


New Direction

It is official the Democrats now control both the House and the Senate. The party has about 18 months to articulate to Americans their domestic and foreign policy plans. One thing is clear, they have the distinct advantage of a low bar to eclipse. Bush II, Rumsfeld and Cheney have run Good Ship America literally into the ground. Unecessary wars and widening gap between have's and have nots. A true receipe for diaster.

John "Michael" Bolton is unlikely to be welcomed back at the UN.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Bad Policy, Worse Politics

Bad Policy 1

The New Democratic Government of Saskatchewan decides to drop the provincial sales tax by 2 points - 7 percent down to 5 percent. I criticized the federal Conservatives for dropping the GST and will stay consistent with sales tax reduction criticism.

The government is lurching from poll to poll, crisis to crisis and priority to priority. No leader. No vision.

The $325 million could have gone to three high priority areas: reduction of the education / property tax, personal income tax reductions / research investments and debt reduction.

Bad Policy 2

The Nova Scotia Conservative government uses Ottawa money to reduce tuition fees for only Nova Scotia students. In January 2007, each full-time - more than 23,000 - Nova Scotia students will pay $440 less to their university.

Education Minister Karen Casey announced the changes last Friday:

"The government of Nova Scotia is investing $10.3 million (of Ottawa's money) to reduce university tuition for Nova Scotian students, effective January 2007."

Today's announcement follows closely on the transfer of $28.8 million to the province from the Infrastructure Trust Fund - the Nova Scotia Tories have a strange view of infrastructure, established in this year's federal budget. The money is to be used over two years. About $8.8 million of the second year's allocation will go to tuition reduction in September 2007.

This is bad policy for three reasons:

1. It is universal. Everyone gets the same amount regardless of their financial need. Cheap electoral politics and will not effect access - the stated goal of the announcement one bit. Nova Scotia just made university more affordable for those that could afford to go.

2. The province is using Ottawa's money to discriminate against Canadian students. The federal government should be paying closer attention. This sets a dangerous precedent. Nova Scotia has no leg to stand on when it whines about per student funding. The province does more than ok with the influx of non-resident students. The Halifax economy benefits greatly from both the direct and indirect benefits of sustaining (no thanks to the province) multiple universities and students work and consumer when they are there.

3. The money would have been better spent investing in aid for students who can't afford to attend. For every $440 going out the door, why not $3,080 for those in financial need. Send a real signal that you are serious about access and affordability.

Bad Politics

Nova Scotia Premier - even more clueless than Saskatchewan's Calvert - announced that Nova Scotia is the first province in Canada to appoint a Minister for Military Relations. Funny, I swore defense fell 100 percent under federal powers in the Canadian Constitution. The same Constitution that provincial parties and governments are quick to site when Ottawa hints or moves into provincial areas.

Murray Scott, current Justice Minister, now gets the post. It is truly a historic occasion. One so big and worth celebrating that if you check the Provincial Cabinet page, there is not a mention of title under Murray Scott.

Here is hoping some took pictures of nice veteran. If Canadian governments wanted to truly honour the military November 11th would be a national statutory holiday. It would go along way to educating ignorant people like me about the true sacrifices that brave men and women made on battlefields around the globe in yesteryear.

Instead new positions get created to - in the words of MacDonald "act as our direct link to both the Department of National Defence and military personnel in our province. The minister will oversee the province's Defence Forum, an interdepartmental committee of provincial staff who promote and support relationships with the Department of National Defence and Canadian Forces."

The goals of the forum are: to build Nova Scotia's capacity to deal with military issues and opportunities, sustain a strong relationship with the Canadian Forces and Department of National Defence, and help Nova Scotia work towards a stronger military presence in the province.

Surely Peter Mackay and some of the other federal Nova Scotia Conservatives are aware of the military importance in Nova Scotia.


Let's Make A Deal - The Sequel

Jack's back at the barginning table sans Buzz. Layton has green on his mind. Captain Canada is out to convince Prime Minister Harper that climate change is a real issue that should be dealt for this generation.

Here is hoping that this next round of parliamentary dealings ends up better than the last. C-48 anyone?



Norman Spector is showing his true intelligence. Spector, on the popular CKNW radio show Bill Good, calling Belinda Stronach a bitch. Touch of class.

It is a sad comment that Spector ever represented Canada on any file in any country. He is the second biggest embarassment behind the former Ambassador to Denmark - Alphonso Gagliano.