Thursday, October 04, 2007


Outsourcing at its finest

Students Deliver Election Message Door-to-Door.... for the NDP.

CFS is so clever they forgot to mention that they are doing work on the missing person in the Ontario election - Howard Hampton.

College and university students delivered the Federation’s report card on the main political parties’ platforms and information about the Students for Electoral Reform campaign door-to-door in the Toronto Centre, Trinity-Spadina, and York West ridings. The Ontario Election 2007 Political Party Report Card gives each major party a letter grade on six different categories: tuition fees, ancillary fees, student debt, post-secondary education funding, quality of education, and system design.

It is interesting when a group writes a portion of a party platform and then provides a grade for said writing. Not sure that passes the fall down laughing test in most circles. However, in the world of the CFS where everything is a "left-off" and you are either with us or against us, they believe so.

Funny they actually have no opinion on the electoral system. They must have spent all their collective energy thinking of the roll-back fees to pre-McGuinty levels. Take a bow Sam Walton, you have inspired the CFS.