Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Spare a sandwich?

Wow. I am not sure what is more amazing.

The fact that the woman - Isabelle Caro - in this picture is only 27! Or, the fashion industry actually cares about the underweight models they force into insane roaster dresses.

The model - of course - is an anorexic who weighs just 31 kilos (4 stone, 12lb - Love the british!), has been displayed on Milan billboards as the city celebrates its fashion week.

Caro indicates that her illness is a result of a rough childhood and she goes on to say that she has hidden herself - not hard to do - and covered myself - with floss - for too long. Now she wants to show herself freakishly - I mean fearlessly - even though she knows that her body arouses repugnance.


Who said it?

The following is a quote from a provincial political party competing for power in an upcoming election. Who said the following?

continue the dialogue with the Canadian Federation of Students and other student leaders and stakeholders, exploring opportunities to improve post-secondary education and its capacity to prepare students for productive careers in ......???