Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Help Wanted

Let me hope for a second that this event coincidently falls as the Middle East is exploding.

An old friend - in Calgary - from high school had her little girls taken from her. It appears the girl's father took them overseas and has no intention of returning. The father, Joseph Hawach, is Lebanese and lived in Australia for several years. He is expected to take them to either Australia or Lebanon. Joseph Hawach is travelling with his mother Gladys Hawach. The little girl’s names are Hannah and Cedar Hawach.

If you have any information you can contact Melissa at hannahcedar@yahoo.ca.

That is just awful for your friend. Her heart must be filled with worries and this must be devastating. As a Mom of 2, I really feel for her. I will keep good thoughts for the girls,a nd i hope they are safe
I would guess they are going to Australia...travelling TO Lebanon would make one stand out like a sore thumb and certainly tip Interpol...good luck with this.
He's lebanese. He won't stand out like a sore thumb.
This exact same thing happened to my former sprouce's sister. My spouce's sister ended up in jail in Germany for three months for working with an agency to kidnap her own kids back. They came back on their own about 6 years later. I am Australian and I will forward this to my relatives.
I worked in the same building as Joe & couldn't beleive what I heard until I looked it up.
This was sent to me by e-mail.Here in Canada.When the article said if anyone had any connections to the following areas,I went on my Frappr Map through my MSN...And posted messages to people in Sydney area,about this web-site.Hopefully this news will spread fast.Being everyone now a days chat on-line.(Frappr Map) is an on going connection of people who post themself on the globe and chat with each other...Hope someone can help...."Lets find these girls" And bring them home safe..
Thunder Bay Ontario
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