Monday, August 20, 2007


Dirty Degrees Done Dirt Cheap

I really need to go back to school.

Robert J. Oxoby, an Associate Professor at the University of Calgary in the Economics department, has written the dream Flobee paper.

A preview:

Among musicologists, researchers of popular culture, and rock and roll lovers of all ages there exists a common debate. That is, with respect to the rock band AC/DC, who is the better vocalist: Bon Scott or Brian Johnson? The band’s original vocalist, Scott, performed on seven of the band’s albums (excluding live albums and compilations), passing away in 1980. Brian Johnson joined the band in 1980, serving as vocalist on nine albums (excluding live albums and compilations). Since 1980, there has been near constant contention regarding who was the better singer.

haha. That's funny. Though, if you google scholar him, he seems to have a decent body of work published in his field.
where be moldy?
at least they're really cheap
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