Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Who should sell the Sheaf??

Welcome back Moldy!

Fresh off some R and R in Saskatchewan and struggling to find a headline to blog under. It is my lucky day. There are two - flags and ball games (next post).

The quintessential free market issue was raised the other day on newstalk radio (my first mistake) and it made me think, will Saskatchewan residents every change?

The issue is this:

Should Tourism Saskatchewan (a quasi-government department) sell provincial flags regardless of demand?

The majority of callers - many of whom would be rabid free-marketers under 90% of the circumstances - called in favour of Tourism not only selling the flags, but at a reduced rate (with a corresponding program designed to encourage flag wearing, waving and weaving). This attitude was expressed despite Tourism stating flag demand was low and Wal-Mart sold a flag 365 days a year.

Only in Saskatchewan would free-marketers call for government involvement in the selling and subsidizing of flags. FYI - many of these same individuals likely tore Shelia Copps a new asshole when she attempted a similar exercise years ago.

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