Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Cheney's lesbian daughter gives birth...

... and her partner of 15 years has all the legal rights of a rocking chair - just as the Dick likes it.

Had a chance to the see Dick and the gang on the streets of Chicago the past month and I can confess he had more ambulances than fans on the streets. It is debateable if he will be remembered as one of the worst VPs of all time - like his drone Bushy.

The Dick makes Dan Quayle look presidential.

must you really refer to her as his "lesbian daughter"?
"all the legal rights of a rocking chair", I didn't realize the US has become a muslim country where homosexuals actually have no rights. Since when is not being able to marry considered the be all and end all of legal rights. There are some pretty important legal rights that come before marriage and Mary and her partner enjoy all of them.
So funny. Whenever someone mentions that there might be a problem with the way our society handles things, someone else has got to counter with some quip about Islam.
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