Thursday, April 12, 2007


Sabre Rattling

My fearless NHL playoff predictions which are often not worth the keys they are typed on.

Eastern Conference

Buffalo v New York Islanders

Buffalo in 5

New Jersey v Tampa Bay

New Jersey in 6

Atlanta v NY Rangers

NY Rangers in 6

Ottawa v Pittsburgh

Ottawa in 5


Buffalo v NY Rangers

Buffalo in 6

New Jersey v Ottawa

Ottawa in 6


Buffalo v Ottawa

Buffalo in 6

Western Conference

Detroit v Calgary

Detroit in 6

Anaheim v Minnesota

Anaheim in 5

Vancouver v Dallas

Vancouver in 6

Nashville v San Jose

San Jose in 6


Detroit v San Jose

Detroit in 5

Anaheim v Vancouver

Anaheim in 6


Detroit v Anaheim

Anaheim in 7

Cup Final

Buffalo v Anaheim

Buffalo in 6

You picked the favourites in every case which never happens. There always upsets.
Wrong, wrong, wrong. Poor Shaky, so delusional.
Bold predictions. Have you checked out the easts record versus the west lately??

Van in 5 over Ottawa.
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