Saturday, January 13, 2007


Into Africa

The crisis in Africa is hitting new lows. The old news used to show Sally Struthers with children starving. Now, however, there are additional threats - terrorism. The region is vulnerable to remnant Islamists vowing guerrilla war, warlords seeking to re-create their fiefdoms, and competing clans.

The biggest problem right now is Somalia. Somalia is one of the world's worst countries. It is poor, ungovernable and lacks many basic infrastructure (roads and education, etc). The country is making its 14th attempt at central rule since 1991. The capital city of Mogadishu is now known as one of the worst capital cities in the world due to violence and general lawlessness.

Somalia's parliament declared on Saturday a three-month state of emergency amid fears of a return of clan violence after weeks of war ousted Islamists.

The United States has recently *strategically* bombed supposed al-Qaeda targets. The usual fallout is now coming - innocent lives taken and intelligence poorly dispatched.

Ethiopia , yes Ethiopia, has stepped up military efforts (aided by western countries) to ensure the region doesn’t fall too far or too fast. It is simply trying to stop the spread of undesirables.

This matter needs international attention - from the UN - but isn’t likely to receive it. Businesses print their own money, unemployment is not trackable and agriculture is the main industry. International governments should care since there is uranium there and largely unexploited reserves of natural gas and oil reserves. These resources need to further growth, not fall into the hands of people against regional prosperity and development.

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