Friday, December 22, 2006


Top 8 Movies of 2006

The first of two lists to be posted to MP.

2006 was a pretty average year for motion pictures. The summer, the usually busy time, was littered with sub-par sequels. MI III, X-Men III, Superman Returns, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc. There were a few good apples in that bunch but for the most part, the rest were stinkers.

The fall gave way to a series of excellent films and that is where the list really takes shape. This isn't new, but rather a tad frustrating.

In inverse order:

7 - Bobby

My love affair with Robert Kennedy continues. A good movie and nice entry into the directorial world by Emilo. Anthony Hopkins is, as usual, captivating.

6 - An Inconvenient Truth (tie) and A Prairie Home Companion (tie)

The Al Gore Power Point was the surprise hit of the year. It is an excellent summary of some of the major environmental issues facing the world and it is delivered in a concise manner. One is left with the feeling of, where was that Gore in 2000. Had the Gore from the film been on the campaign trail, he would have been tough to beat.

There are still some non-believers in the "global warming" issue. Those individuals dismiss the science at their own leisure. Contrary to many, the environment and the economy do not have to mix like oil and water.

Having grown on the prairies one can appreciate the simple nature of the Robert Altman picture. The acting is first-rate, including that phoney baloney Meryl Streep. Woody and John C. Reilly are excellent and the movie has a real charm about it.

5 - Thank You for Smoking

This is what a mocumentry should be. Aaron Eckhart is fantastic. He manages to spin like nobody can and the concept of the three merchants of death is priceless.

4 - Little Miss Sunshine

The concept is gold and the acting is great. The interaction between all family members is enough to keep you laughing. All members have their strengths and all have weaknesses, but as a unit they just work.

3 - Blood Diamond

The makes you think movie of the year. You read about, hear about and see some of the African struggles, but never do the dots connect so easy. Leo carries a movie, although the accent falters from time to time. Djimon Hounsou is excellent and provides a new level of support.

2 - The Queen

The Political movie of the year, hands down. The acting is fantastic and the dialogue between QE II and Tony Blair is first rate. A must see.

1 - The Departed

Hands down best. The plot is excellent and the collective acting is the best in the past three years. Martin Scorsese is on the top of his game. The action and drama keep you guessing and there is one scene where you just think - shit did that just happen.

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