Sunday, December 10, 2006


To the Queen

The Queen provides audiences a behind the scenes look at the shocking events of Princess Diana's death. Tony Blair comes out looking like a brilliant leader and grounded human being.

The film offers some of the best insight into the internal struggle for relevance that occurs between the monarchy, the British government and the UK people. It seems like we are one event or a couple of public opinion polls away from seeing royalty disappear.

Andrew Potter has a bang-on review of the film. It is indeed one of the best of the year and Helen Mirren is a shoe-in for Best Actress at the Oscars.

Here are two comments that I kept thinking about while watching the film:

I do believe when most people think about it and realize our head of state is foreign - when she travels she doesn't represent Canada, she represents Great Britain - I think they kind of realize this is really an institution that's a bit out of date for Canada to continue with.

~ John Manley, Former Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister, May 18, 2001

Upon the death or demise of the Queen perhaps it's time for Canada to abolish its association with the monarchy and set up a new institution.

~ John Manley, Former Canadian Industry minister, September 10, 1997

I must say, once again, Manley was ahead of the curve.

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