Monday, December 04, 2006


Rural influence

Hopefully the new Premier of Alberta will not forget that the real power of western Canada is between Edmonton and Calgary. These two cities need immediate attention for infrastructure, research and development, culture and other 21st century issues. It would be a shame if Steady Eddie was to ignore cities. Land doesn't vote, people do.

Also, Ed will likely have to find a place in cabinet for surprise 3 rd place finisher - Ted Morton. My suggestion - Gaming. It is technically still in cabinet. Or, let him construct the new Alberta Pension Plan.

The best job for Morton would be inter-provincial minister with the task of setting up the Alberta Pension Plan and the Alberta Mounted Police
Except that would mean he would be the face and mouth for the province to other provinces, the Government of Canada and muncipalities. Not likely.
I think Gaming would be a good place, too. It's actually a pretty important portfolio (there's a lot of money brought in from gaming) but there's a possibility that Morton's evangelicism could be channelled to moderate this harmful sector of the economy.

One can hope, can't they?
That's exactly why he would be perfect for the job.

Just because Morton opposes gay marriage being pushed down our throats by a buncbh of eastern politician/judges does not make him some crazy evangelical or my favourite from the globe & mail "hard right".
Gay marriage isnt pushed down a single throat anywhere. That is such a load of crap. Social Conservatives get so worked up about this non-sense. There are other real issues facing the country and our elected officuals have to go through the motions on this matter, which has no hope or business of passing. How about the state stay out of the bedrooms?

Are you being asked to MC, host or conduct a single gay wedding? No. Are individuals trying to convert you to their "way of life?"

It is a matter of equal rights that don't in anyway effect you. As long as two consenting adults love each other, why should they be prevented from marrying? Is it to protect the bedrock traditional family the Conservatives so cling to?

The notion that Rob Nicholson floats about it being a defintion that has stood for 2,000 years doesnt make it right or just.
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