Saturday, December 09, 2006


Politics and Pop Culture collide

Al Gore has denied he is going to help Lindsay Lohan salvage her reputation. Lindsay, you will recall, wanted her politican "friends" to help her reach out to the American public. She wanted to release a politically/morally correct, fully adequite [sic] letter to the press, as a vehicle for her opinions on, "how our society should be educated for the better of our country. She claimed to have such an impact on our younger generations, as well as older generations, that it was necessary.

The 20-year-old actress sent an email to friends and lawyers claiming the former US Vice President had offered to help her clean up her image, but he has been quick to disassociate himself from the claims.

In a statement released on Thursday, a representative for Gore said: "I can confirm for you that Mr. Gore has only met Ms. Lohan once, very briefly, at the GQ Men of the Year dinner last week. There were hundreds of other guests."

Lindsay had claimed in her email: "Al Gore will help me. He came up to me and said he would be very happy to have a conversation with me." She also wrote: "Hilary (sic) Clinton, Bill Clinton would be willing, if we just ask. If we just ASK."

Representatives for both Clintons have refused to comment on the subject. Although there is a rumour that Bill could lend a hand.

If Lindsay was serious about making a political connection, she should reach out to the Ford family. They will help. The Betty Ford Centre has helped thousands.

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