Sunday, December 31, 2006


Hockey sticks or Horns?

The critics are out in force to complain about the lack of inclusion with the "new" government's fitness tax credit. As noted in past columns and highlighted over at Potter Gold, the fitness tax credit is a joke (not the worst tax credit since that benefit goes to the transit tax credit) and helps complicate the tax code. Now, the parents of aspiring musicians want the same benefits as the parents of the next Gretzky, Nash and Ridgway.

The Harper government made the day for the thousands of accountants around the country with their 2006 budget and the inclusion of close to 20 tax credits. The not-so-hidden hand of government. So much for the railing from conservatives about the nanny state.

Budget 2007 will, no doubt, include more tax credits and probably build on some existing ones.

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