Monday, December 04, 2006



Somehow Ezra Levant thinks that having dual citizenship makes someone unfit for office. The guy is such a loser.

Stephane Dion is a citizen of France and Canada. Oh my god! Let us not confuse the issue, he is one of the most staunch federalist in the land. He is the co-author of the Clarity Act.

Levant's line that the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star and CBC would react differently had they discovered Stephen Harper to be a loyal citizen of the United States is a tad rich. If the worst that paleo-Conservatives like Ezra can throw at Dion is that he carries dual citizenship, it could be a long campaign.

Thank god that Harper keeps these loons in the hinterland and let's real policy and politcal minds run things. Ezra should stick to his cruising.

Ezra is obviously an American spy working to damage Canada. ;)
Maybe he is on the payroll of Ted Morton!
Easy on Teddy.
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