Thursday, October 26, 2006


Worst Car Fads

The USA Today recently ran a short piece focusing on the 7 worst car fads in recent memory.

My vote goes to Faux Wood. Good Ole Woody on the Wagon.

The options are:

1. Phony Wire Wheels - Nice touch on a Buick Le Sabre.

2. Hideaway Headlights - One word. Fiero.

3. Body Cladding - Think late 80's Minivan.

4. Fake Air Scoops - Early pimped out wheels.

5. Faux Wood Panel - Wayne's World.

6. Vinyl Roofs - Poor man's convertible.

7. Half and Half - Pontiac Aztiak. Hmm, wonder why GM is in trouble. Camping in the car anyone?

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