Saturday, October 07, 2006


Parent's do the darndest things

Sporting parents are a challenging lot. Hockey parents fighting with referees, other parents and coaches is nothing new in many Canadian communities. The action is not limited to only hockey fathers. In fact, some of the more vocal and abusive activities can be attributed to hockey Moms - not to be confused with soccer Moms. Now, comes word of the lowest of low - Football fathers (relatives).

A fan's video camera was rolling when a man was shot with a Taser gun after an altercation Sunday at a youth football game in O'Fallon, Tennessee.

It was the Titans versus the Spartans as 7 and 8 year olds took to the field. As it turns out, the real action was on the sidelines. Brothers Garrick and Darrick Shelton became angry with a referee's call. The amateur video shows them as they begin cursing and shoving other parents. Then, an off-duty sheriff's deputy -- who also had a son playing in the game -- took quick action with a Taser.

As Darrick Shelton lies on the ground, his brother Garrick continues to curse at the deputy and at a second man who was also an off-duty officer. Parents step in, reminding him children are present. He still doesn't stop.

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