Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Liberal Leadership Musings

A few thoughts on the "Super Weekend" developments.

The ticker is pure genius. Full marks for those that tapped into today's instant culture.

Joe Volpe is truly a national embarrassment.

Ken Dyrden proves that name recognition is only worth so much. The Game has no mojo.

Scott Brison. Maybe time to set goals that are attainable and figure out it is not necessary to run for every vacant position.

Martha Hall Findlay. She keeps helping her cause for the next election. She will have a leg up in the next general and the little red bus shouldn't have to travel so far.

Gerald Kennedy. The tale of two campaigns. English Canada shows strength and in Francophone Canada he sucks the hind tit. The equivalent of one step forward, two steps back. Stick to the French lessons and maybe, just maybe next time. He will need to go to Dion since he once ran against Rae and that seems a stretch.

Bob Rae. Samsonite is heavy. Rae Days cast a long, long shadow. The Liberals need Ontario like Paris Hilton needs Canon. He has become, literally, a paper candidate. Hat tip to Michael Valpy. He will need to go to Dion.

St├ęphane Dion. Dion finished worse than third in seven provinces or territories. This is hardly a ringing endorsement, however, it his performance in QC, BC and ON that should matter and allow him to fight another day. He is likely to emerge as the ABI candidate and that could get him the title.

Michael Ignatieff. The stereotypical Canadian political outcome, first with a solid minority and in position despite being the candidate of choice by less than 70 percent of the delegates. Jean Chr├ętien should be proud.

Ignatieff has the largest contingent of "super" delegates and that should give him another 5-8 percent. He only needs about 12-15 percent from the convention floor. Difficult, but by no means impossible.

An Ignatieff v Harper election could make for some fantastic debates. Maybe Jack Layton could debate with Ed the Sock and Elizabeth May on the small stage.

"Maybe time to set goals that are attainable and figure out it is not necessary to run for every vacant position."

That was pretty funny. If Brison keeps this up, he'll be forever associated with Super Moose and the latter's annual appearance on the U of A student election ballots.

As for Iggy, I would love to have some one-on-one sparring with Harper. Two intellectuals with differing ideas and sound principles (at least on Harper's part) duking it out alone on the national stage would be invigorating for my own political tastes.

But really, not having to be creeped out by Layton's stare would be reason enough for me.
Curious you would place Harper as an intellectual above Layton. I am still a little stunned a that one. Curious indeed.
Indeed, I'm curious about why someone does not use ta name or, at least, a psuedonym when commenting on this blog, and I'm curious how an anonymous person is supposed to enlighten how much more intelligent Layton is with respect to Harper by simply stating the word "curious" a few times.

I'm stunned, really.

But, in any case, I didn't say that Layton is not an intellectual (though I say this now). I simply stated that he creeps me out.
When did Kennedy run agains Rae? In 1995, Rae's last election, the Liberals ran Hagood Hardy as their candidate.
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