Thursday, October 26, 2006


Discount Youth Green Fees

No this is not part of the Conservative Hot Air Act. It is linked to the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit - the one slated to take effect on January 1. Little Johnny can soon, if recommendations are acted on, get a break on his green fees.

The Conservative's Children’s Fitness Tax Credit has now won approval from a stacked deck - a three headed Committee appointed by Harper. The Committee has found that the credit is a good first step and should be expanded and enhanced. Expanded to include golf memberships for youth under 21, clubs that offer 50% of their activities as physical (think Chess?) and youth camps that have five consecutive days with 50% of more of the day designed around physical activity. Oh, and expand the value from $500 to $1,000.

The Committee did show some restraint. There will be no free ride, literally, for Go-Carters and Snowmobilers. The Snowmobilers Association did not do as good a job arm twisting as the Equestrian Federation and the Royal Winnipeg Ballot.

Yes, your party for smaller government has fallen in love with the tax credit. The same measure that actually costs a significant amount of money to administer. The Conservatives don't believe in smaller government, they believe in different government. Less money for women and minority groups, more for the Auditor General. More accountants in the national capital has been a priority for some time.

This shouldn't be a surprise since it is coming from the party that brought you GST on a single donut but not 6 donuts.

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