Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Wacko Jacko

The federal leader of New Democratic Party is certainly attempting to win friends (murders) and influence people (terrorists). The Canadian military should stand firm and commit to rebuilding Afghanistan. This is not the time to turn tail and run.

There is also no reason to call the Taliban to the table for peace talks. No rational government negotiates with splinter, terrorist groups. The Taliban has been a black mark on Afghan history with their deplorable treatment of women, children and other religious individuals. Even the NDP knows better than to legitimize a gang of thugs, murders and rapists.

Jack Layton has officially jumped the shark. The federal New Democrats have officially hit "who cares status."

Good call.

I don't understand why the NDP would want to negotiate with a group that opposes everything the NDP supposedly stands for.
I agree with you Praire boy, the left has developed the strange habit of standing up for groups that hold opposite values to theirs. It honestly seems to be the same mistake that people frequently say the US makes in Foreign Policy, my enemy's enemy is my friend. Just cause they don't like Harper and Bush does not make the Taliban reasonable, fun guys to hang out with.
Jack's position is especially idiotic since the Canadians have been laying the pressure on. The Taliban are holding out in the mountains further than ever, and with NATO being allowed into Pakistan, time's running short for that awful menace. Moreover, our military are performing at level comparable to their greatest historical accomplishments, taking on a powerful entity and winning the hearts and minds of many Afghans in the process. They are among their finest hour and Layton, in his "I feel your pain" ignomy, cannot recognize this. He should be ashamed of himself.
The NDP is not "standing up" for the Taliban.

They are being honest. The war is not working, why not try something else?

It's just as stupid for me to say that by fighting Taliban you are "standing up for them" because terrorist groups are growing around the world with all the wars that are declared on them.
Tyler, no one said the NDP is standing up for the Taliban. The Taliban hate women, homosexuals, unions, etc., etc. These are all the things the NDP profess to defend. The Taliban is not going to change so what is the NDP going to negotiate, stoning women on weekends only, maybe the NDP could negotiate beating for homosexuals instead of death. Sometimes there groups of people who are so evil that you cannot negotiate. Our soldiers are currently facing that type of evil.

As for a war not going well, you need to stop checking the Kos kids for your Afghanistan updates because the last two engagemenat our soldiers had with the Taliban cost the Taliban 200 soldiers and no deaths on our side, and the next engagement had 75 Taliban killed with only 3 Canadians. Plain and simply they are getting their ass handed to them.
Praire boy, I don't always agree with you, but I certainly liked your last post. The Taliban partnered with Bin Laden and allowed him to train in Afghanistan to launch attacks against the west. Canadians died on 9/11. Some people (not saying you Tyler) seem to be getting the lack of justification for war in Iraq, confused with this perfectly justified war in Afghanistan.

Diplomatic talks have their purposes, but there is no negotiating with fundamentalists that are determined to use force to assert their will. The really area that we need more thought, diplomacy and negotiation in is with how do we deal with the breeding grounds for these Taliban soldiers? Religous schools in Pakistan funded by a good number of Saudi Arabians are where a lot of new fighters are coming from. How do we deal with a reasonable government in Pakistian and a somewhat reasonable (though repressive)government in Saudi Arabia to get this to stop?
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