Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Twisted Logic

Canadian soldiers are fighting a US created war - therefore they are terrorists. I must has dosed off in early algebra and missed the lesson where 1 plus 1 equalled an 8 track player. The NDP should add math to their endangered species list. Better yet, somebody should hand Jack and the federal NDP the keys to a Caterpillar, they have dug themselves a rather large hole.

It was refreshing to hear Peter MacKay on the National last night talking about the Afghan mission. Apparently, you can not claim to be against the "war" and support the troops. They are a pair- like Walker and Texas Ranger. Peter must have slipped into the NDP's logic lessons.

If I have to hear one more rationalization begin with "support the troops", I am going to vomit. Supporting the troops is an apple pie issue. Everyone supports the troops (spare the odd loon on the left). One can support the soldiers and question the mission. One can even be openly critical of the mission and still back the troops. Soldiers are not a political shield. No amount of Republican or Conservative rhetoric will change this. There is no poll done amongst military members asking them to select their next mission. They serve at the mercy of their political masters. I can disagree with Conservative government policy on many fronts and still support those in charge of enacting the policy.

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