Friday, September 15, 2006


PS - Pass the Whine

My buddy Bumf has a virtual hug extended to the Pontiff. I, like many others, will take a pass. The Pope has stirred up a hornets' nest with his anti-Muslim comments. It is, however, his view on development that has one baffled.

Western societies are losing their souls to scientific rationality and frightening believers in the developing world who still fear God, Pope Benedict told an open-air mass in Germany on Sunday.

Benedict, on the second day of a visit to his native Bavaria, said that spreading the word of Jesus Christ was more important than all the emergency and development aid that rich churches like those in Germany gave to poor countries. . . "Social issues and the Gospel are inseparable," said the Pope.

"When we bring people only knowledge, ability, technical competence and tools, we bring them too little," he said, hammering away at his central concern that secularisation and materialism have replaced faith in Western thinking.

Apparently empowering people with knowledge and skills, does not lead them to a better life.

The Pope ended with his usual rhetoric:

The role of faith in fighting AIDS "by realistically facing its deeper causes," indirectly confirming the Church view that pre-marital abstinence and fidelity in marriage are the way to combat sexually transmitted diseases.


As long as those dirty Africans stay faithful, we can lick this thing. Or, we can at least leave the disease with homosexuals.

Good to see the "deeper causes" addressed.

Wow what a crazy thought, be faithful to your wife, don't screw around behind her back. If more men in Africa stayed faithful to there wives, maybe they wouldn't be transmitting the disease to their wives and unborn children. Will it stop AIDS completely, of course not, but the fight against AIDS in Africa will take several approaches and the Church is doing it's part.

What a weak religion we are finding Islam to be, there can be no criticism, no open dialogue, just a "poor me" attitude.
I am finally convinced that if one simply said, “Good Morning”, to a member of the Islamist faith he/she would become violent. It has been their only reaction to just about everything.
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