Wednesday, September 06, 2006


No P is their Pool

Pool crashing is the new thing in Vegas. Why settle for a dumpy, concrete pool when you can go uber-deluxe on the Strip.

The Holy Grail for Strip pool crashers is Mandalay Bay. The casino's 11-acre lagoon includes a wave pool, a river and a topless section. The area is walled off, and entrances are monitored by attendants who run key cards under a scanner.

Having stayed 3 stars hotels in Vegas and appreciated the other fine hotels pools, I can see the appeal of this. It is called trading up and it is common in many aspects of life.

It does sound like fun, but one of the crashers had such a bad moral justification it was laughable. It is alright that she fools security and jumps fences to use hotels' pools for free because she shops, dines and most importanly of all tips at various Las Vegas businesses. I think I should go try and steal and nice suit at Harry Rosen and then say that it is okay because I tiped the guy at Second Cup. Something tells me that won't work.
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