Wednesday, September 13, 2006


New Brunswick Election Update

While the Liberals (post-secondary education giveaways to those already in the system) and Conservatives (all tax credits, all the time) are busy trying to bribe New Brunswick residents with their own money, the NDP have quietly played their trump card - an Acadian national holiday on August 15th.

Somewhere Phoff reconsiders his next move.

I can't believe I missed that one. Must've been caught up reading all about the Dawson shooting.

It's a nice gesture, but like much of the New-Brunswick NDP's platform, it's a little loony.
Most of us only work 6 months a year. Do we need an other holiday?

Get rid of rememberance day. My grandparents didn't go to war so we could get a holiday in the middle of the week in November. That is just stupid. Thanks for nothing Bernard.

Cough vote Liberal cough.
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