Thursday, September 14, 2006


Girls Gone Too Far

The company - Mantra - that produces the “Girls Gone Wild” tapes of young women baring their breasts and acting in other sexual situations pleaded guilty Tuesday to federal charges and agreed to pay fines totalling $2.1-million (U.S.). Owner Joe Francis will have to pony up some money to pay for his latest slip up. This is a drop in the bucket considering the annual sales are well over $40 million.

The case is believed to be the first to be filed under a federal law designed to prevent the sexual exploitation of children, the Justice Department said.

There are still a set of separate state charges in Florida alleging that two 17-year-old girls were videotaped by a “Girls Gone Wild” cameraman in sexual situations remain pending against Mantra and Francis.

Claire Hoffman at the LA Times has a great piece on what a piece of shit Joe Francis is. Read it and be truly disgusted.

The LA times peice was great. A long read, but great. So what do people think of the whole Girls Gone Wild phenomenom? Female Empowerment, sexual explotation, harmless fun, an oversexualization of our youth culture. none of the above or all of the above?
I have less of a problem with the business model, but I do have a problem with his tactics in bedding young females with booze, drugs and security guards.
How else are you supposed to bed young women when you look like that?
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