Saturday, September 16, 2006


Dumb and Dumber

Oregon Nurse Susan Kuhnhausen will one day, after the shock wears off, have a marvellous story to tell. It will be one of surprise and horror. Kuhnhausen returned home from work one day earlier this month, she encountered an intruder wielding a claw hammer. After a struggle, the 51-year-old nurse fended off her attacker - Edward Dalton Haffey - by strangling him to death with her bare hands.

Now, it turns out the intruder was hired to kill her by - her husband. Talk about a botched job. Haffey had worked as a custodian under Kuhnhausen at an adult video store, according an affidavit filed by the Multnomah County District Attorney's office.

The cherry on top of this case is:

Inside a backpack Haffey left at the scene was a day planner with "Call Mike, Get letter," scribbled on the week of September 4, the affidavit said. Michael Kuhnhausen's cell phone number was jotted on the inside of a folder, it said.

Apparently she outweighed the hitman by 80 pounds. And probably was a lot smarter too.
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