Monday, September 18, 2006


Coopetition... the new buzz word being used the describe the courting between Ford and General Motors. Apparently these two dying brands will attempt to restart each other with a relationship of necessity.

GM has too many brands. Ford has too much crap on the lot. This ought to be a recipe for even greater failure than the two are capable of separate. I have stated on many occasions, and will do so again, never will a domestic car grace my driveway.

The Germans and the Japanese are head and shoulders above their competition.

I coined the word coopetition in 1977 because of work I was doing for the Red Cross. Since then I have developed the beginnings of a new language that addresses the philosiphical and pracritcle connections. I believe without these included the higher ground for coopetition will be slow to flurish. I would be interested in chatting about these issues. I was published 2 years ago in PM magazine.
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