Thursday, September 21, 2006


Bump and Grind

Concord High School Administrators, in New Hampshire, are calling for an end to "overtly sexual" style of dancing at school dances. The controversy has divided the school. There are those who defend the students'right to dance however they want and those who believe the moves are just plain inappropriate.

Principal Gene Connolly is with the latter group. He said the school will cancel all remaining dances, including the upcoming homecoming dance, unless students step forward to help halt the "grinding.

"This style of dancing is wrong," Connolly told parents at a Parent-Teacher-Student Organization meeting Tuesday night. "If you were to see it, you would be equally offended."

Asked by parents to describe the dance, Connolly offered this: The girl leans forward and the boy puts his pelvis against her backside. Then, he thrusts.
"It's feigning a sex act," Connolly said.

But some students and parents don't see it that way. They say that like the jitterbug, Elvis and disco before it, grinding is just a sign of the times.

All this from the state where the motto is Live Free of Die.
Patrick Swayze would be spinning in his grave!

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