Thursday, August 31, 2006


Sweethearts not bleeding hearts

The Western Standard's Shotgun has growth potential. It should acquire Lava Life. Or, at the very least think about playing up the "cruise." I mean days out a sea with Ezra really have inherent limited appeal.

There is now a place for Conservative Singles, Conservative Events, and more. Find people who share your cultural, political and religious values. With a culture that is often hostile to conservative values our goal is to provide alternative resources.

Apparently the old days of simply stating - Single white male seeking single white female are gone. They are, after all, no longer politically correct.

Don't believe me. Cruise the site and see it is whiter than snow.

Sample profile:

Age: 36; JAY, ME

General Interests: Conservative Talk Radio, Fair Tax, Politics, Rottweilers, my children, building, creating, designing and changing my environment. Spicy foods and muscle cars are also interesting.

i was "traveling" in the internet and i founded your website..
so, i am from brazil, and i thought that your website is very interesting..
bye bye
Oh my!
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