Wednesday, August 16, 2006


The Lowest of the Low

It is almost time for Political Sweeps or the Mid-term Elections. New York Senate Republican candidate John Spencer, who has a slim to none chance of defeating his challenger, is grasping at a series of short straws. Spencer evokes the image of Bin Laden and Hillary Clinton, not once but twice.

Finally, check out Spencer running for the nomination againist a fellow Republican.

That is some pretty scummy politicing, and the first ad contains an outright lie that anyone informed should be able to pick up on (unfortunately the percentage of the population that is informed is going down and down.) The lie is of course that wiretaps were that US wiretaps were vital to taking down the recently planned airline attacks. The potential hijackers live in England, were communicating with people in Pakistan and were infultrated and busted by Britan's MI5.s
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