Friday, August 11, 2006


Friends Optional

There are daily inventions which are moving society in a direction where social contact with other humans will be a foreign concept in the next decade. MSN? Google Talk? My space? Now comes Air hockey Over a Distance.

The game is played like a conventional air hockey game. However, the table is split in half and the two ends are connected via a network. The players can see and hear each other at all times. They shoot a real puck back and forth, trying to score a goal. Once the puck passes the midway-line, its location is detected, and a corresponding physical puck is shot out at the other table.

People, Robert Putnam was using a metaphor to describe a situation when he penned Bowling Alone. It was not meant as encouragement.

I already suck at air hockey. This would just make it waaaaaaay harder.
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