Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Black Holes, Black Poles

The Campaign for Corporate Responsibility in the United States is targeting hotel porn sellers. The Citizens for Community Values (CCV) and pro-family groups are calling on Department of Justice to investigate OnCommand and LodgeNet for potential violations of federal and state obscenity laws. Here is their plea - which ran as full page ad in the USA Today on August 8th:

Adult hardcore pornography can tragically lead to sex crimes against women and children. Yet prosecutable sex videos are available within a few clicks in millions of U.S. hotel rooms. We are calling on the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation to immediately investigate the companies that distribute it to determine whether "adult" videos being sold in hotels by OnCommand and LodgeNet violate long-established Federal and State laws regarding distribution of obscene material.

OnCommand, a wholly owned subsidiary of Liberty Media Corp., and LodgeNet distribute the “worst of the worst” in graphic, hardcore pornographic videos. CEOs John Malone of Liberty Media and Scott Petersen of LodgeNet are chief among the nation’s “white collar pornographers.”

CCV President Phil Burress believes these movies - titles here - are more than mere nudity.

"We’re talking about every conceivable form of degrading, distorted sex. We’re talking about the types of material, which are addictive in nature, which men are lured into viewing in the privacy of their hotel rooms, and which have been responsible for sexual crimes and for the breakdown of countless marriages, families and careers. And we’re talking about a company and its leader who care more about the dollar than about those men, women, children and families.”

It is a known fact that registered sex offenders use adult hardcore pornography as a high-octane fuel to direct dangerous sexual behaviour toward others, including children. The often-addictive nature of pornography – which many view as a private act – continues to have drastic public consequences.

For more than 23 years Roger Young investigated obscenity cases as an FBI agent and trained prosecutors in the enforcement of federal obscenity laws. He states that, "in the majority of cases where sexual predators were arrested, pornography was associated with the commission of the crime and/or found to be in the possession of the offender."

Reams of additional evidence link the use of adult hardcore pornography to the commission of sex crimes by sexual predators. So why is such a toxic ‘drug’ so readily available in virtually any hotel room in this country? Three words: Money. Money. Money.

Causation vs. correlation. The argument raises its head again. Alcohol fuels alcoholics, who in turn drive drunk and have a higher risk of getting into traffic accidents. Should we pull mini-bars out of hotels?

What business do these groups have telling hotels how to run their business? The blanket approach of "protecting American values" is a shame. It is protecting Christian values, not American values. Conservatives are usually the first in line on market intervention. Unless somehow, someway God can be evoked.

FYI - Yes this is the same group that spearheaded the ban on gay marriage in the US. It is also the same group that is leading the charge in many counties, cities and states to close strip clubs and adult bookstores at midnight and prohibit lap dancing.

In Ohio, the issue would prohibit nude dancing within 6 feet of customers and require sexually oriented businesses to close from midnight to 6 a.m. Strip clubs with permits to sell alcohol could remain open, but the entertainment would have to stop at midnight. So, it would turn into a brothel?

If this decision passes Ohio, where the ban is first being pushed, can join Saskatchewan as the most ass backward jurisdiction for handling alcohol and nudity. Why not just have a siren go off when the dancing is going to start, encourage patrons to leave the room without drinks and proceed to a new, staged area? On second thought, Saskatchewan tried that and it was an abject failure along with the $5 colas.

The notion that these social conservative groups want to micromanage every aspect of the bedroom is laughable. These are the same idiots who are against public healthcare, taxes and any form of government intervention in the economy. However, if Adam and Steve love each other and watch the occasional porn at the Sheraton. Lock em' up.

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