Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Angels and Demons

Western Canadian provinces may want to consider the latest anti-drug trend emerging in many US states. It is rare that this writer would call for duplication of any American policy on drugs since the War on Drugs has been the second biggest combat battle under the Bush Administration. This one, however, appears to have merit.

US States increasingly frustrated with the growth of toxic methamphetamine labs are creating Internet registries - similar to pedophile registries - to publicize the names of people convicted of making or selling meth, the cheap and highly addictive stimulant plaguing communities across the nation.

This seems like the next logical step to combat this ugly drug and its unnecessary spread in rural and urban areas. Landlords should have the right to know if the prospective tenants are deadbeat, drug makers. The rapidly increasing popularity needs to be cut-off.

Vic Toews could turn his attention to this instead of waxing poetic about 10 year olds. Does this not make sense?

How Un Canadian.......we need to focus on the root causes........or offer safe houses for the addicts to practise their craft as part of a broad based harm reduction strategy. Dont you think that would be better than demonizing them??
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