Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Alberta's Dirty Little Secret

Alberta Progressive (insert snicker here) Conservative leadership candidate Ted Morton has seen his push for "equality" stopped. Morton had proposed a bill that would have forbidden anyone from being punished legally for refusing to solemnize a same-sex marriage or for speaking out on or acting on their beliefs against gay marriage. It would also have put limits on the discussion of same-sex marriage in schools.

Morton is of a dying bred - the Palo-Conservative. He is so concerned about protecting the past that he can not see the future. Albertans have bigger issues to deal with than whether Red Neck Randy can spew his opinions about Adam and Steve. Good thing Jim Dinning and others will actually purpose progressive social and economic ideas, otherwise those of us in Central Canada may actually believe that Alberta is governed by rednecks for rednecks.

FYI - Paul Stanway in today's Edmonton Sun - need I say more - has it wrong. The Bill was never about a gay "victory" lap or getting everyone to conform or support the gay agenda. That type of language is pure and utter fear tactics by the worried right.

I'm not sure anybody in Alberta really cares about what you people in "Central Canada" really think.
The Ted Morton Fan Club strikes again.
I'm sooo buying a membership from Morton.

You should read Paul Jackson's column in the Calgary Sun. Maybe an anybody but Dinning campaign will start.

Check out my blog, I've updated some of the info on Hannah and Cedar.
This Morton fellow really is a dinosaur. Good work shaky!
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