Monday, August 14, 2006



The 2006 AIDS Conference in Toronto will hear from many world, business, scientific and philanthropic world leaders except Prime Minister Stephen Harper. I am not going to bash Harper for doing what Jean Chr├ętien did before him - skip the Conference. I am, however, not going to go along with his voyage north. He has made a bad situation, worse.

The issue of Artic sovereignty is an important one. Former Paul Martin latched onto it as a number 1 priority for about 24 hours. In fact, the issue is far too important for current Prime Minister to cheapen it by instructing his minions to find him somewhere to be during the Conference.

If Harper didn't want to attend to the AIDS Conference in Toronto then he should have went on vacation instead of heading up to Artic to throw a couple of Northerns a perceived bone. He could have discovered the North on or about August 18th.

Harper may have been trying to skip out on the AIDS conference, which I don't agree with, but I think his government's interest in Arctic sovereignty is genuine.

He wants to increase the military capacity in the Arctic which is important, he has publicly rebuffed the US Ambassador on the issue and I know it is an issue being discussed around Ottawa.
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