Thursday, July 13, 2006


Soccer Players v the Devil

In the spirit of the World Cup and the head butt heard around the globe.

If Zidine is to be punished, and it is found out that Matarezzi or whatever his name is, DID indeed use racial slurs { I mean come on after 2001 EVERYONE knows what an Islamic terrorist is} then he should also be reprimanded.
Who wants a team to win by being that dirty
Nobody seems to care about this, I posted on this as well, and I had some half\wit from the US post saying soccer is for queers.
Chalk another win for South of the Border, eh?

You apparently have the same group of inbreds lounging on your blog that visit Murney's blog.

A pity since your opinions are well thought and usually well read.

Materezzi is a loser. He has clearly misplaced his "unwritten" rules of sport.
Zidane has been insulted every game of his life. in professional sports this is a reality. this does not mean that the italian team won by being dirty. what is more dirty is getting penalty kicks for diving in the box. Zidane lost it due to the heat, injury or something. You don't think that headbutting a guy with ten minutes left in the final is inexcusable? Everybody is a whiner when their team loses.
Thanks Shaky, yeah, I have never been to "Murney's" blog but will take your words for it. There is apparently an awful lot of inbreds with computers. { Wonder who reads the big words to them??!!}
You are most welcome at my place anytime, just remember it is alot of tongue-in-cheek talk.
My motto...what is said at Nics, stays at Nics! :-D

As for Anon, I don't really listen to Anons and for the record, was cheering for the Germans
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