Sunday, July 09, 2006


RIP - Cowboy Diplomacy

The cover of the new issue of TIME says it all. It is time to start planning for a world post-Bush. This is nothing but a good thing. The man, while humorous and personable, has worn out his tarnished and questionable welcome.

The sad part is the lineup of replacements from either side don't look particularly appealing either.

It will be interesting to see how history judges Dubya. I read recently how the American economy is booming, which the writer attributed to Dubya's tax cuts but strangely the writer conveniently ignore their deficeit which is also up. Go figure.
So long as the next administration, whether it's Democrat or Republican, continue the Bush Doctrine. It is the right foreign policy to deal with America's enemies, namely radical islam.
Islamic extremists are enemies to everyone, including moderate Muslims.
Bush’s legacy will be one of mounting deficits and causalities from war. He will go down as one of the worst Presidents in US history.

Plus, does North Korea not seem like a legitimate threat. Iraq *supposedly* had WMD's. North Korea has them and is testing them. There is nothing islam there.
The North Korea mess is Clinton's legacy, appeasement of a nutcase while he is building a nuclear arsenal is not a good method (look at the EU's currently dealing with Iran).

Bush's method of taking out a potential threat makes more sense, once Saddam had nuclear weapons, the invasion would not have happened. This is the same reason Bush did not invade North Korea, they have nuclear weapons. Once the bomb is introduced, military options are out.

Iraq did what it was supposed to; deal with potential threats, (Syria left Lebenon, Libya gave up it's WMD's) and showed Al Queda that America is not a paper tiger.

History will be kind to Bush, much like history has been quite kind to Reagan.
I believe history will show Bush's era as president as marred more by the extreme partisan hatred from both sides than economics or war casualties.

The deficient is a complex problem but the American economy is booming.

Islamo-fascism was brewing long before Bush took power. It's been building since WWII or the Crusades, depending on who you talk to, so blaming Dubya for it doesn't hold water.

Has there ever been a time when the partisan battles were more vicious, unreasoning and protracted?
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