Sunday, July 16, 2006


Religious Farm Team

Cry 2 Him: The Sequel.

A group of young, concerned Canadians recently held an awareness session on Parliament Hil. The group is trying to draw attention to some serious issues facing the nation.

Child poverty? Immigration? Skill shortages? Climate change? Global warming? Student debt? Artic sovereignty? Agriculture issues? Softwood lumber?

Nope, these concerned Christians are asking Canadian MPs and Senators to stand for Christian values in government - watch a couple of videos and get a chuckle or two (apparently Christians do not get fair coverage in the "press"). 4 MY Canada identified some serious issues threatening Canada's fabric:

An Act to amend the Criminal Code (procuring a miscarriage after twenty weeks of gestation - the baby step to eliminating a women's right to chose.


FREE VOTE ON THE FAMILY - a.k.a Same-sex marriage.

RAISING THE AGE OF SEXUAL CONSENT - So long rainbow parties.

4 MY Canada is advocating for one worth while bill. The Poverty Reduction Bill (BILL C-293) - Liberal MP John MacKay is leading the charge on this bill. A long overdue innitiative.

The group, to be fair, is working towards getting young people to care about the political process and that is nothing but a good thing.

yeah, but it is all for the wrong reasons. Religious nutcases in training...
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