Tuesday, July 18, 2006


How to lose a GM in 40 days

Staring Neil Smith, Charles Wang, Pat Lafontaine and Ted Nolan.

The "Island" is turning into a creepier version of the Michael Bay movie.

Garth Snow as the new GM - I had to do a double take to see if it was April 1.

Finally the NHL gets an owner who makes the old Steinbrenner look sane. I mean he gave Smith 40 days and still no cup - so fire him - makes sense to me. Teddy Nolan thought that his old situation in Buffalo was strained, wait until Wang starts suggesting that Dipeitro would look good up front and Wang's pet cat should start a few games between the pipes. In no way did I think that you could have a downgrade from Milbury, so first he tried Smith - who was a bad choice and now Snow who still isn't even a choice. I wouldn't let Snow manage my fantasy draft "b" team. Well done Wang now go back to the fisherman logo and you've hit for the cycle.
If possible PLEASE drop by my place and look at my latest thread. I am really getting into it with a yank regarding what is going on with Canadians being evacuated.
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