Sunday, July 16, 2006


3rd Wheel - Is it in you?

You Know You're the Third Wheel When:

You're always the only one in the backseat

They're sharing an appetizer while you're going solo

While you're out, they're text messaging... each other

They "forget" to change their reservation from two to three

You stop bothering to put the pull-out bed back into the couch each morning

You're always on the outside of their inside jokes

They start shopping for a two-seater car

Your ticket is for a seat in another section of the theater

Your "workday" consists of drinking their OJ right from the carton during The Price Is Right

They keep insisting on setting you up on dates (emphasis on insisting)

You find yourself on the side of the dance floor... holding three drinks

You hear a lot of, "So, where can we drop you off?"

Courtesy: Sex on my desk

Wow - somebody is finally writing about me! I'm the ultimate Third-Wheeler!
"You, Me and Dupree" - very funny movie!
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