Thursday, June 08, 2006


Team Destiny

It is beginning to look like Carolina has lady luck smiling on them. The old adage of "you have to be good to be luck" is sure true, but this will mark the second time in the past two Stanley Cups that I could care less for a team that is on the verge of winning. First, Tampa Bay and now the hockey hotbed of Raleigh.

Carolina reminds me of the 1986 Canadiens. They can't lose. They didn’t deserve to win Game 1. They deserved Game 2. Sure, the Hurricanes have talent and a great young goalie, but they also have had a heavy dose of LUCK. First series - Saku's injury. Second series - draw an overachieving Devils team. Third Round - a depleted Sabres team. Now, a team minus arguably the best goalie in the 2006 Playoffs. The Oilers will still make this a series, but will come up short.

I was annoyed watching the Carolina-Montreal series to see all the uncalled high sticks from the 'Canes and the diving the team does. Between Matt Cullen and Justin Williams - who is a fine player - you have a great synchronized diving team.

I will never embrace Redneck Hockey. Carolina will likely go the way of Tampa - winners to barely there. Such is life in the new NHL. You have to love the parody when the Cup gets to vacation in the Sunbelt with 8 fans.
It is probably true, that like Dave Andreychuck, one should be happy for Glen Wesley, Rod Brind'Amour and Brett Hedican for the chance to get their names engraved on the mug.

I agree with you comments regarding riding some luck and not caring about a sunbelt market, however i think the Canes will be a good team for the next little while. They will lose some aged veterens i.e. weight and recchi possibly wesley, but the core will be back, two good goalies, an average if not slightly underrated defence with the addition of dion phaneuf-like jack johnson. Solid mix of experience- brindamour, stillman, cole, and youth stall, williams, ladd. Mix in a couple of adams and maybe a free agent and they are the southeast champs again. the other issue is the parady thing. it is a myth that it did not exist before. why does a stanley cup final between a useless sunbelt team and an over-achieving alberta team seem familiar?
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