Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Peak Oil

Poof. Just like that the dream is over. The Oilers can go back to being a middle of the road team. It sure was fun watching the team make a valiant run at the Cup. Watching the past two games with true hockey fans was a blessing. The Muck Shoveller made an Oiler cake for Game 6 and Oiler cupcakes for Game 7. My highlight of tonight was at the 10 minute mark watching the Shoveller go grab a bottle of Scotch, throw it on the table and go to town. The tension was too much.

Good for Glen Wesley, Doug Weight and Rod Brind'Amour for winning the Cup. Phoff is right. The sight of the winners skating with the Cup is the best moment in sport.

My only wish was that Edmonton had won the mug. The city and team deserved it. I am sure that the few hundred die-hard fans in Carolina will savour the ice championship. The parade will be shortest in sports history. The Cup will one day soon return to Canada - where it rightfully belongs.

The smart money next year would be on Florida. Got to love the new NHL.

Ok I voted for this post over at progressive bloggers just for the sheer wittiness of the title. Very clever!
Love the title too, I thought it was a John Murney blog post at first glance.
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