Friday, June 09, 2006


Not Joe Canadian

Since the Toronto Star, The Globe and about every other media outlet want you to believe that a terrorist is right around the corner, it is nice to see people moving to reclaim public space and shatter the myth of fear.

Warren Kinsela, love em' or hate em', never lets grass grow under his feet and the recent terror plotting events have spurred him into action. *Special K* - along with Dennis Mills and Sen. Jerry Grafstein, who organized the Rolling Stones SARS concert. are back at the organizational thing and will soon be encourage residents of Toronto to take in a Jays game en masse - I will not need any encouragement, but this is a good cause.

Hat tip to Warren - is a good idea and the right way to react to these events. The wrong way would be to alter our immigration system - e.g. France, Britain and Holland or isolate the problem to *Muslims* as many red-meat Conservatives and Republicans would like - the brawn before brains approach. The reality is CSIS and the RCMP did their jobs and nobody was injured. The plans were foiled.

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