Saturday, June 10, 2006



The biggest sporting event in the world is off and running. The World Cup officially got underway today and now it is time to peer inside the crystal ball to see who will move out of the first 32.
The cooler weather will likely mean that more European nations make it to the next round and there will be one or two surprises. The African teams will disappoint and the US will be a bust. Here are my fearless predictions:

Group A

Germany and Poland

Group B

England and Sweden

Group C

Argentina and The Netherlands

Group D

Portugal and Mexico

Group E

Italy and the Czech Republic

Group F

Brazil and Croatia

Group G

France and South Korea

Group H

Spain and Ukraine

Our office hours will be reduced to those of a Tattoo Parlour - odd and unusual. The quality of the football should be fantastic and it will be a great month long party in Toronto with all the cultural communities pulling for their respective sides.

I think in group F you over looked Australia
Since you asked at the pub today, thought I'd give this a closer look. I'm no expert on football; I mean, I like the game and all, but I'm not like Antonio G or anything.

Anyway, these look like sensible choices. Australia may surprise and take on the traditional Croatian role of being giant-killers but I wouldn't bet on it. I think Italy may prove to be weaker than expected, as will Engerland (after today's match, look to expect more weakness).
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