Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Florida high schoolers now have to declare a major

Florida Governor Jeb Bush, the child with the intelligence in the family, has signed a bill designed to force high school students to declare majors and minors, just as college students do. A major could involve a traditional academic subject such as English or math, or a vocational field such as carpentry or auto repair.

Florida's college system clearly has some work to do. The state has one of the highest percentage of youth without high school - let alone a college education, they have an expanding population who are cranky and could care less about social policy (i.e. education) since they are on easy street and the state is largely a service driven economy. So as the bed maker goes, so goes the economy.

On the surface, this policy seems like a not bad effort. The closer we can bring high school curriculum and post-secondary education, the better. Students should see where interests can lead them at an early age.

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