Saturday, June 10, 2006


Dirt Bag Alert

Joe Volpe trying to claim he is raising any ethics bar is beyond the pale. Volpe is the poster child for what is currently wrong with the Liberal brand and his comment that he has been a party member (since 1981) for longer than the likes of Rae, Brison or Ignatieff or a Member of Parliament since 1998, is exactly the problem. Volpe is from the "entitled to my entitlements" gang.

Remember, Volpe tried to claim he made an impression on the young lads who donated *their* money to his campaign. He is, likely, not the only candidate - for any of the past leadership races- to receive money from suspect donours. He is, however, the least intelligent since his explaination didn't pass the fall down laughing test and he actually believes, and thought we would too, his own bullshit.

Volpe lacks the morale compass to lead a lemonade stand let alone a political party. The party can't force him out but the members sure can embarass the shit out of him. Here is hoping that Ashley Macissac can *Space Moose* Volpe.

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