Monday, June 26, 2006


All in the name of security

United States Vice President Dick "Itchy Finger" Cheney let loose over the weekend on one of the real threats to American security - The New York Times. The Times, apparently, has now made it more difficult for the United States to prevent attacks in the future by publishing *sensitive* information.

Cheney labelled it the published work to be vital national security program information. It is consistent with the Bush Administration's behaviour to treat all people who question their tactics and rationale as harming the public good, threatening national security or endangering the troops.

Cheney took an additional parting shot at the Times. He said he considers it “a disgrace” that The Times was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for its stories disclosing the terrorist surveillance program. He would have awarded it to Fox News due to their fair and balanced coverage of the administration.

Well, it's not like the NY Times is an established newspaper or anything.
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