Thursday, May 11, 2006


What not to wear

The 4th game of the Ottawa - Buffalo series really got me thinking - Are NHL coaches mandated to purchase bad blazers and ridiculous ties?

Lindy Ruff was sporting a sweat vintage baby blue blazer with a blue and gold tie behind the bench. A tribute the 70s Sabres? A holdover from the 80s, when his goatee was in style?

It all became clear for me, however, when I saw this photo. I love Bob Gainey. Masterful hockey player. Great hockey mind. Fantastic motivator. Horrible dresser. Seriously. He is trying to pull off a bucket hat. Does he not know that those are reserved for fishing trips and the Yang.

Just for kicks, check out the Habs Halloween party. I love Saku in the video. Classic.

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The only coach with any visible style is Don Cherry. Woo woo!
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