Monday, May 08, 2006


Political Corrected

The US government has attempted to put an end the ongoing debate on US college campuses about the all important issue of.... mascots.

A bi-partisan motion, introduced in the House, would limit the power that the NCAA has in punishing schools for choosing political incorrect mascots, logos or symbols. Recently, the NCAA has attempted to force some colleges to abandon their logos due to offensive images – e.g. The Fighting Sioux of North Dakota.

All the mascot tips you ever wanted can be found here - including why a good introduction is so key to your success.

FYI - The image is from an intramural team of Native Americans and non-Native Americans who are fighting for political correct images.

Is that supposed to be offensive?

I get what they're trying to do, but it comes off more as kitschy than offensive.
Phoff, I totally agree, it does come across as kitschy.

Also I want to know why congress is focusing on this as opposed to the US trade deficit or their budget deficit or revamping their foreign policy.
Trade deficit. What trade deficit? It is China's fault haven't you heard?
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